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October 14, 2020
KEG’s Sewer Flush Nozzle is a heavy duty cleaning nozzle that provides superior results while being more cost competitive. The power of the Sewer Flush’s 15 and 25 degree jet angles gives the operator high wall force with a wide water pattern necessary to clean large diameter pipes.
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Available for hoses from .75” through 1.5”, KEG’s Sewer Nozzle is truly a “Heavy Weight” in the sewer and storm water cleaning industry. The Sewer Nozzle ranges in weight from 17 to 22 pounds and is sure to stay centered in the bottom of the pipe for effective cleaning action.
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The Traction Nozzle is an excellent multi-purpose nozzle. When an extremely tight water pattern is needed for intense directed cleaning and propulsion; few nozzles perform as well as KEG’s Traction Nozzle. With 8° and 12° angled jets, the Traction Nozzle will provide tremendous thrust and highly efficient cleaning using KEG’s Fluid Mechanics.
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