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Truck Mounted Jetters

High-performance sewer line maintenance designed to fit tight budgets. AllJet truck-mounted high-pressure jetting machines provide a cost-efficient tool to effectively clear blockages and maintain sewer lines. Designed for applications where wastewater recycling or jet/vac sewer cleaning are not required, AllJet delivers excellent jetting power, simplified operation, superior mobility and a longer working life than other truck jetters.


Single-Engine Operation

  • A single engine operates both chassis and jetting system, slashing fuel costs by 40%
  • Also reduces harmful emissions and noise


  • AllSmartFlow™ CANbus smart control system is standard, and protected by a cabinet to avoid damage to levers and joysticks
  • Easy-to-understand in-cab controls provide simplified operation

Hose Reel

  • Hose reel strHose reel structure hydraulically extends 54 inches from rear compartment and rotates 200°, locking into position for productive working angles
  • Standard reel equipped with 600 feet of 1-inch inside-diameter hose

Water System

  • Constructed with UV-resistant black polypropylene
  • 1,600 gallon water capacity
  • Hydraulically powered triplex plunger pump has rated capacity of 87 gpm @ 2000 psi
  • Dual-fill water system features an ultra-convenient fill port allowing operators to fill tanks from curb or street side of truck

Rear Compartment

  • Protective rear compartment fabricated with high-strength aluminum protects water pump, hydraulic reservoir, hose reel and plumbing
  • Steel subframe with polymer coating maximizes corrosion resistance
  • Three anodized aluminum roll-up doors lock to secure all-direction rear compartment access

All-Weather Operation

  • 13,650 BTU/hr heater in the rear compartment protects pumps, hoses and plumbing from freezing
  • Optional rear canopy shelter shields operators from sun, rain or other elements
  • Optional insulation in rear compartment