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Industrial Vacuum Loaders

Vacall AllVac industrial vacuum machines deliver more years of higher performance, setting a new long-term productivity standard for the removal of dust, powders, solids, liquids and thick slurries.

AllVac machines have just one engine, reducing fuel consumption emissions, noise and maintenance. A superior filtration design effectively cleans air before it reaches the heavy-duty blower, capable of creating maximum vacuum at 28” Hg and maximum airflow at 5760 CFM.


Power System

  • Single engine operation reduces fuel consumption emissions, noise and maintenance
  • AllSmartFlow CANbus smart controls system standard on all models
  • Engine and blower tachometer
  • Emergency engine stop switch
  • Fuel consumption meter

Vacuum System

  • Positive displacement vacuum system creates maximum vacuum at 28” Hg
  • Maximum air flow of 5760 CFM
  • Transfer case drive with heavy duty construction

Filtration System

  • True single-mode filtration via twin cyclone pre-filters, ensuring wet and fine dry materials are removed before reaching the bag house
  • Universal snap-ring filter bags maximize the volume of available clean airflow around each filter and make it easier for material to be blasted off effectively
  • Air cannon filter cleaning system allows bag pulsation to operate without interruption and resets after every cycle

Debris Body

  • High-capacity debris tank with 18 yard3 capacity
  • Built with 91” diameter rolled steel plate
  • Debris, body, bag house and dump chute are integrated for complete removal of all debris when dumping
  • Fail safe tailgate designed for one-man operation
  • Smooth, leak-free tailgate movement with simple opening/closing/locking system using one hydraulic cylinder
  • Tailgate system features sealed wiring, tail lights, optional ladder and platform
  • 40° dump angle can be augmented with optional vibrator