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Hydro Evacuators

Vacall hydro excavators provide superior water pressure and vacuum forces, making them the industry leader. AllExcavate machines have just one engine, reducing fuel consumption emissions, noise and maintenance. Choose AllExcavate to efficiently excavate around water lines, sewer lines and other underground utilities. An optional cold-weather package includes heated cabinetry that encloses the boiler, warming the water for hydro excavation when temperatures drop below freezing.


Power System

  • Range of power module packages based on customer need
  • Positive displacement blowers from 16 inches to 27 inches hg of vacuum power
  • Jetting systems complement the cleaning power with capacity ranges from 50 to 120 gpm and pressures to 3000 psi
  • AllSmartFlow CANbus smart controls system standard
  • Single engine operation reduces fuel consumption emissions, noise and maintenance


  • Boom extends 8’6” with 330° rotation
  • Rear-mounted boom front loads debris
  • Choose from three boom and hose options to accommodate your preference:
  • Heavy-duty full-length rubber hose is durable and flexible with gum rubber lining from turret mounted on the debris tank to the pick-up point
  • Steel tube-in-tube boom and intake connected to an identical rubber hose elbow that leads to the pick-up point
  • Original steel tube-in-tube design with steel elbow boom and intake tube – the industry standard for strength and durability

Debris Body

  • Oval shape with cylindrical sides for extra strength and efficient material dumping
  • Optional galvanized steel debris tank available with lifetime warranty
  • Multi-stage vacuum filtration system has simplified design to reduce maintenance, extend performance and increase working life
  • Standard durable powder coat finish
  • 10 or 12 yard3 capacities

Water System

  • Hydraulically driven, variable-speed system has digital control to vary water volume and capacity output
  • Available variable water pump produces up to 24.5 gpm with up to 3,000 psi
  • Water heater
  • System powers a wand, delivering a high-pressure stream to break up material
  • Self-wind reel has 75 feet of high-pressure hose
  • Optional hose reel has up to 350 feet of high-pressure hose

Water Storage Tanks

  • Water tanks have lifetime warranty
  • Fabricated with high quality aluminum for extra strength
  • Available in 1,000 and 1,300 gallon capacities
  • Equipped with interior baffles, water tanks are mounted above the rear fenders to avoid damage from road debris
  • Tank position creates positive head pressure to the water pump inlet