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Catch Basin Catchers

Vacall AllCatch catch basin cleaners bring new high-performance vacuum technology to the forefront, setting them apart from standard catch basin cleaners.

AllCatch machines have just one engine, reducing fuel consumption emissions, noise and maintenance. With a maximum airflow of 31,000 CFM – the greatest in the industry – these catch basin cleaners have excellent versatility and are armed with greater power to help municipalities quickly remove debris, dirt, rocks, stones, pieces of asphalt, and both wet and dry leaves from culverts, ditches and street curbs.


Power System

  • Single engine operation reduces fuel consumption emissions, noise and maintenance
  • AllSmartFlow CANbus smart controls system standard
  • Engine and blower tachometer
  • Emergency engine stop switch
  • Fuel consumption meter

Catch Basin Cleaner

  • Hydraulically operated catch basin and leaf pickup intake tube and boom is easily stowed out of the way against rear of tailgate
  • High-power vacuum tubes use the industry’s greatest vacuum forces
  • Hydraulically operated rear tailgate mechanism is faster and easier to open, close and lock, improving debris dumping efficiency

Debris Body

  • Extra strong debris tank Is constructed from rugged, reinforced steel to withstand rigors of picking up pieces of asphalt and concrete as well as bottles, rocks, stones, wet or dry leaves
  • Blower position and transfer duct create a high-performance debris intake to pick up large pieces of debris on road resurfacing projects and faster cleanup of parking lots and event venues
  • Standard durable powder coat finish
  • Lifetime warranty on optional stainless steel debris tanks
  • 10, 13 or 16 yard capacities

Water System

  • High-capacity water tanks ranging from 300 to 600 gallons reduce refilling trips and increase run times
  • Controls are conveniently located inside the cab and on side of chassis

Hydraulic System

  • Gauges are highly visible for efficient operation and service
  • Filter change and other maintenance can be performed at ground level


  • Reduces noise during operation
  • Easy-to-clean filter is conveniently accessible at ground level