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Stallion Nozzle

The Stallion Nozzle is a Tier Three Fluid Mechanics medium-sized nozzle excellent for storm drain or sewer cleaning applications where pipes are heavily exposed to debris, or where pipes are heavily damaged or weakened.

The Stallion is a fantastic flushing nozzle, however, due to the angle of the jets, the Stallion should not be used to clean large pipe walls. The Stallion Noz-zle is ideal for flushing corrugated metal, concrete, clay, or plastic pipe.

The Tier Three design offers the ability to separate water coming into the nozzle and water coming from the nozzle. The shape and design offers a jet stream ideal for penetrating & flushing debris, or negotiating steep terrain. The Stallion Nozzle is available with titanium ceramic inserts only and has 6 rear jets at 12°.


  • Tier Three Efficiency & Power
  • High Thrust with 12° Jets
  • Long Design Spans Holes in Pipe
  • Minimal Force on Pipe Wall
  • Replaceable Inserts


  • Sanitary, Storm
  • Ability to Clean Weakened Pipe
  • Clay, Plastic, Concrete, PVC, Corrugated Metal Pipes
  • Penetrating, Flushing, Pulling
Part Number Hose Size Number of Inserts Insert Size Weight (pounds) Dimensions Pipe Size
100265-C .75″ 6 Rear/1 Forward M8 9.4″ 12″x3″ From 6″
100264-C 1″ 6 Rear/1 Forward M8 9.4″ 12″x3″ From 6″