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Rambo Nozzle

The Rambo Nozzle shares its name with a very “dan-gerous” warrior of the big screen. However, even the famous movie hero would be hard-pressed to emulate the success this nozzle has in removing its “enemies.” The Rambo Nozzle combines the best characteristics of all penetrating nozzles into a maximum performance, maximum clog busting nozzle with its wedge-shaped design, drill point, and excellent thrust.

The Rambo Nozzle is sure to get you out of a jam at 2 am when flow needs to be restored, and clogs need to be eliminated. The Rambo Nozzle’s unique benefit is that the drill point feature has three rear spraying jets allowing the nozzle to dissolve blockages from within. The Rambo can be configured with steel or titanium ceramic inserts. Drill point can be removed, and a stand-ard M8 can be inserted in its place for .5” and up only.


  • Three Nozzles in One
  • Maximum Penetration
  • Replaceable Drill Point
  • Replaceable Inserts
  • Tier Two Nozzle (.75”+)


  • Sanitary, Storm
  • Total Blockages
  • Roots, Grease, Ice, Stone, Sand, and Rags
  • Small to Large Pipes
Part Number Hose Size Number of Inserts Insert Size Weight (pounds) Dimensions Pipe Size
100067-S .25″ Factory Drill .1 1.8″x.9″ From 2″
100067A-S .38″ Factory Drill .1 1.8″x9″ From 2″
100066-S .5″ Factory Drill .35 3.25″x1.2″ From 3″
100065 .75″ 5/3/1 M8 1.55 4.8″x2.1″ From 3″
100063 1″ 5/4/1 M8 4.75 6.7″x3″ From 4″
100064 1.25″ 6/4/1 M8 5.35 7.8″x3″ From 6″
10068-C 1.5″ 8/4/1 M8 5.35 7.8″x3″ From 8″